Prevention-care intervention for young animals

Streptococcal infection is one of the most common diseases of young animals followed by fever, general weakness and multiple hemorrhages on the skin in acute form in piglets, and in chronic form - lesion of lungs, joints, the formation of purulent abscesses in various organs in an animal.

1 Antibiotics treatment (choice of drugs in accordance with the sensitivity of the defined microflora) Lexoflon OR 1 ml per 20 kg of bwt daily for 3-5 days Orally with drinking water
Amoxycillin 150 1 ml/10 kg of animal bwt IM,once, repeat in 48 hours if necessary Injectable
2 Substitutive therapy Ferran 1-1.5 ml IM once on the 1st-3rd days of age
3 Dehelminthization Alvet mixed with concentrated fodders at a dose of 5 g per 100 kg of animal bwt once
Meradok 1 ml per 33 kg of animal bwt IM once
Ivermek 1 ml per 33 kg of animal bwt IM once