Lumpy skin disease

Lumpy skin disease of cattle (LSD) (Exanthema Nodularis bovis, Dermatitis nodularis bovum) is a viral infectious disease in cattle characterized by fever, edema of subcutaneous connective tissue and organs, formation of nodes on the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts.

Over 150 people including representatives of farms from the Sverdlovsk region and 8 nearby regions were involved.

Prevention consists in vaccination of clinically healthy animals: 1. The specific vaccine against lumpy skin disease which includes all 3 strains of the LSD virus of cattle - once, in early spring. Durable immunity remains for 1 year. 2. Nonspecific vaccine against sheep and goat pox - once at a dose of 10 ml per animal. The course of lump skin disease in ill vaccinated animals is easier. Vaccination is performed once in 2 years.
1 Antibiotics treatment (choice of drugs in accordance with the sensitivity of the defined microflora) is provided for prevention and treatment of the complications caused by secondary microflora Azitronit 1, 2, 9, 10 days, 1 ml/20 kg of animal bwt (body weight) IM (intramuscularly)
Ceftonit Forte 1, 8 days, 1ml/30 kg of animal bwt SC (subcutaneously)
Nitox 200 1, 4, 7, 10 days, 1 ml/10 kg of animal bwt IM
2 Symptomatic therapy (in case of temperature rise above the physiological norm) Flunex 2 ml/45 kg of animal bwt IM or IV (intravenously), at 24-hour intervals for 3-5 days, 5-day break and the course can be repeated. It can be taken with all antibiotics except for Nitox Forte
3 Antiseptic (topical treatment of aphtae (ulcers) to control over the secondary microflora and close the port of infection) Septo-spray
local treatment of aftae (ulcers) until skin restoration
4 Substitutive therapy and stimulation of metabolism Nitamin 1, 15 days 10-25 ml/animal IM
Butofan 1, 30 days, 0.2-0.25 ml/10 kg of animal bwt IM or SC
5 Disinfection of premises (to destroy the pathogen in the environment) GAN 0.5% solution (prevention), 1% solution (emergency disinfection)
6 Desinfestation (to eliminate the transmitting insects) Cyflunit 10 ml/animal (weigning nlt 300kg)
Cyflunit-ON as prescribed by the instruction

Antibiotic product is selected in accordance
with the sensitivity of the defined microflora