Nitamin OR Active

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A, D₃, E, C vitamins

Unique stimulant that increases weight gain and productivity of poultry with high bioavailability

High bioavailability due to micellar form of A, D₃, E, C vitamins

Increased stress tolerance during vaccination

Weight gain increase in young broilers

Increased egg-laying intensity

Helps to achieve the productivity parameters of egg-laying and egg quality

Easy to mix with water in any dilution

  • Description
  • Unique stimulant that increases weight gain and productivity of poultry with high bioavailability.

    Nitamin OR Active is a opalescent liquid from greenishyellow to orange color.

    Packing: 1 l polymer bottle.

    Nitamin OR Active
  • Composition
  • Composition
    1 g
    Nitamin OR Active

    50000 IU vitamin A

    5000 IU vitamin D₃

    50 mg vitamin E

    100 mg vitamin C

  • Pharmacological properties
  • Pharmacological properties

    Nitamin OR Active makes up for the deficiency of vitamins in the body of chickens and hens. Vitamin A regulates the function and regeneration of epithelial tissues and thus increases resistance against infection. Increased doses prevent weight loss and increase metabolism. Vitamin D₃ regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and affects their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, has anthrachitic action. Vitamin E regulates redox processes and affects carbohydrate-fat metabolism, strengthens the action of vitamins A and D₃. Vitamin C is an important factor in normal growth and increases the body's protective functions. The introduction of Nitamin OR Active Into the body under stressful conditions leads to a rapid increase in the level of vitamins in the blood, their accumulation in the liver and other tissues and, as a result, normalization of metabolism, increasing the safety and productivity of poultry.

  • Indications
  • Indications

    Nitamin OR Active used for increase of survivability and weight gain of poultry, increase of egg-laying in hens, decrease possibility of metabolic malfunctions and saving the productivity of the poultry in stress period.

  • Dosage and route of administration
  • Dosage and route of administration

    Nitamin OR Active used in poultry orally with drinking water once:

    Type and age of poultry


    Broiler chickens, chicken pullets. layers

    0,5 ml/l of drinking water

    1,0 ml/l of drinking water

    1 – 3 days

    3 – 5 days

    Dilute the feed additive in water in stages.


    No side effects or complications observed if Nitamin OR Active used according to the instruction. No contraindications.

  • Restrictions
  • Restrictions

    Products obtained from birds after the use of the Nitamin OR Active can be used for food purposes without restrictions.


    Storage period – 2 years from the date of production, after first opening - no more than 7 days.