Nitamin А, D₃, Е, С

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Vitamins A,D₃,E,C

Is not encapsulated on the injection site

Improved bioavailability

Reduces the effects of stress

  • Description
  • Nitamin is a highly concentrated complex of fat-soluble vitamins in the unique water-dispersible form providing the body with vitamins for 2 months.

    The medicine is a clear opalescent light-yellow liquid highly miscible with water

    Nitamin is available in 50, 100 mL glass vials

    Nitamin А, D₃, Е, С
  • Composition
  • Composition
    1 ml

    50 000 IU vitamin A

    5 000 IU vitamin D₃

    50 mg vitamin E

    100 mg vitamin C

  • Pharmacological properties
  • Pharmacological properties

       compensates for the deficiency of vitamins A, E, D₃, C in the animal body. Vitamin A regulates the structure, functions and regeneration of epithelial tissues and thereby increases the resistance against infections. Higher doses prevent weight loss and increase metabolism. Vitamin D₃ regulates calcium and phosphorus metabolism and influences their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, has an antirachitic effect. Vitamin E regulates redox processes and influences carbohydrate-fat metabolism, enhances the action of vitamins A and D₃. Vitamin C is an important factor for normal growth and increases the protective functions of the body.

    Administration of the drug to the body leads to a rapid increase in the vitamins content in the blood and their accumulation in the liver and other tissues.


  • Indications
  • Indications

    Nitamin is used for prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency and normalization of animal metabolism in the following cases: :

    ·  during pregnancy (only second half) and lactation; 

    ·  during dysfunctions of the reproductive function; 

    ·   in case of animal growth inhibition and insufficient weight gain; 

    ·   in case of contagious and invasive diseases; 

    ·    in case of preventative vaccinations and dehelminthization

    ·     in case of surgical operations or injuries; 

    ·     in case of diminished performance and decreased durability of hen’s egg shell 

    ·     in case of stressful situations

    Vitamin has a greater efficacy and bioavailability, than the traditionally used oil forms of vitamins. This is achieved by the use of aqueous dispersed (micellar) forms of vitamins. In such form, these vitamins are in the nature (in the cells of plants and animals).

    After administration the constituent components of Nitamin accumulate in the liver, muscles, adipose tissues and are used to meet the necessary needs for vitamins of the organism during 4-8 weeks. The high bioavailability allows to administer a smaller amount of the drug with a long interval compared with oil vitamins.


  • Dosage and route of administration
  • Dosage and route of administration

    The drug is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly 1 time per 4-8 weeks. In case of oral administration the drug is given in drinking water or food 1 time per month. For chickens and hens, it is applied once, for breeding hens twice with an interval of 2 weeks. With the purpose of treatment the dose is increased by 2 times.

    Type of animal

    Oral introduction, ml per 10 kg of animal weight 

    Injections, ml per 10 kg of animal weight 


    0,4 - 0,5 (8 - 10 drops) 

    0,2 - 0,3  


    0,2 - 0,5 (5 - 10 drops) 

    0,2 - 0,3  


    0,2 - 0,5(5 - 10 drops)  

    0,2 - 0,3 


    1,0 - 2,0 (20 - 40 drops

    0,4 - 1,0  

    Sheep, goats 

    0,7 - 1,2 (15 - 25 drops

    0,5 - 0,8  


    2,0 - 3,0 (40 - 60 drops

    1,5 - 2,0 


    1,0 - 2,0 (20 - 40 drops

    0,6 - 1,0  

    Dogs, cats 

    0,3 - 0,6 (6 - 12 drops

    0,2 - 0,3  

  • Restrictions
  • Restrictions

    The products are used without any restrictions