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Vitamins A,D₃,E,C

A highly concentrated complex of fat-soluble vitamins in the unique water-dispersible form providing the body with vitamins for 2 months.

Quick compensation of vitamin deficiency

Reduced effects of stress

Balanced composition

Improved bioavailability

No encapsulation in the injection site.

  • Description
  • A highly concentrated complex of fat-soluble vitamins in the unique water-dispersible form providing the body with vitamins for 2 months.

    Nitamin is a clear opalescent light yellow liquid, highly miscible with water.

    Packing: 50, 100 mL glass bottles.

  • Composition
  • Composition
    1 ml

    50 000 IU vitamin A

    5 000 IU vitamin D₃

    50 mg vitamin E

    100 mg vitamin C

  • Pharmacological properties
  • Pharmacological properties

    Nitamin compensates for the vitamin deficiency in the animal body. Vitamin A regulates structure, function, and regeneration of epithelial tissues, thus increasing resistance against infection. Increased doses of Vitamin A prevent weight reduction and promote metabolism. Vitamin D3 regulates calcium and phosphor exchange and affects their absorption in the gastrointestinal system; it decreases the chance of rickets formation. Vitamin E regulates redox processes, affects carbohydrate-lipid exchange, and enhances effects of vitamin A and vitamin D3. Vitamin C is an important factor for normal growth and increases the protective functions of the body.

    Administration of the drug to the body leads to a rapid increase in the vitamin content in the blood and their accumulation in the liver and other tissues.

  • Indications
  • Indications

    Nitamin is prescribed to prevent and treat vitamin deficiency and to normalize animal metabolism in the following cases:

    • during pregnancy (only second half) and lactation
    • during dysfunctions of the reproductive function
    • in case of animal growth inhibition and insufficient weight gain
    • in case of contagious and invasive diseases
    • in case of preventative vaccinations and deworming
    • in case of surgical operations or injuries
    • in case of stressful situations
    • when replacing feed at fattening
    • when moving animals.

  • Dosage and route of administration
  • Dosage and route of administration

    The drug is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly once per 4 to 8 weeks. Recommended doses of the drug, taking into account the species, age, and method of administration:

    Species and age Oral introduction, mL per 10 kg of animal body weight
     Cattle, horses 0.2-0.25
     Calves, foals 0.2-0.5
     Sheep, goats 0.5-0.8
     Lambs 1.5-2.0
     Pigs: Sows 0.3-0.45
     Pigs: Fattening pigs 0.2-0.3
     Pigs: Piglets
     Dogs, cats 0.2-0.3
     Rabbits, fur-bearing animals 0.6-1.0   

  • Restrictions
  • Restrictions

    No restrictions set for the human consumption of any product obtained from the animals treated with Nitamin.


    Avoid using Nitamin concurrently with corticosteroid hormones. They contribute to the elimination of vitamin D from the body, as well as disrupt the absorption and metabolism of 3 calcium. Administered concurrently with the drug, cardiac glycosides may intensify toxic effects of the latter (risk of cardiac arrhythmias increases). Concurrent use with tetracyclines increases the risk of intracranial hypertension. Hypervitaminosis or hypersensitivity of an animal to the drug components. Nitamin should be used with caution, when administered concurrently with NSAIDs and cardiac glycosides, as it increases the effect of the latter. Avoid contact of the drug solutions with disinfectants and oxidants. 


    18 months from the date of manufacture; after first opening - 14 days.