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Antimastitis drug for cows in a dry period with protective action more than 7 weeks.

Active up to 7 weeks – whole dry period

Broad spectrum of activity – even against stamms, resistant to penicillin

Effectively works in the udder tissues.

  • Description
  • Antimastitis drug for cows in a dry period with protective action more than 7 weeks.

    Mastenit is a thick suspension of white to light gray color.

    Packing: 3.6 g in plastic syringes with cannula for intracisternal of introduction, sealed with protective caps. The protective cap consists of an upper and lower part for receiving cannulas of various lengths. Each syringe provided with a sterile alcohol napkin and instructions for using the drug.

  • Composition
  • Composition
    1 syringe

    600 mg cloxacillin

  • Pharmacological properties
  • Pharmacological properties

    Mastenit refers to antibacterial medicinal preparations of group of semisynthetic penicillins. Cloxacillin - has a wide spectrum of antibacterial action, is active against gram-positive bacteria, usually isolated from udder secretions in the dry period, including Streptococcus spp. (including Streptococcus agalactiae), Staphylococcus spp. (including penicillin-resistant strains) and Corynebacterium pyogenes.

    The mechanism of antibacterial action consists in suppressing the functional activity of bacterial enzymes transpeptidases involved in binding the main component of the cell wall of microorganisms - peptidoglycan, which leads to the death of bacteria.

    Mastenit creates a high level of antibiotic in the udder tissues, which provides a therapeutic effect of the drug in dry cows lasting at least 7 weeks.

    Mastenit classified as a low-hazard substance (hazard class 4 according to GOST 12.1.007-76).

  • Dosage and route of administration
  • Dosage and route of administration

    Mastenit is used once for the treatment of cow mastitis before transferring to the dry period, but no later than 42 days before the expected calving.

    Mastenit administered to cows just before setting to dry period. Before the introduction of the Mastenit cow should be milked. Wipe the nipple on the outside with 70% alcohol solution or a special antiseptic napkin. For calm animals, remove only the upper part of the cap that covers the cannula of the syringe and for restless animals – remove completely. After this, insert cannula of the syringe in the opening of the nipple and, gently press the plunger, drug will be administered. The contents of a single syringe are inserted into each quarter of the udder.


    Contraindication to use is hypersensitivity to cloxacillin or any other component of the drug. Mastenit should not be used for lactating cows. It is allowed to use the drug during pregnancy. The drug is not intended for use in young animals. The drug should not be used simultaneously with other drugs for intracisternal administration.

  • Restrictions
  • Restrictions

    Milk for food purposes can be used no earlier than 5 days after calving. Milk received before the deadline can be used in animal feed.

    In case of mistaken administration of the drug to lactating cows or if calving occurred earlier than 42 days after administration of the drug, milk can be used 46 days after administration of the drug.

    Slaughter of animals for meat after the use of Mastenit is allowed no earlier than 28 days after the last administration of the drug. Meat of animals slaughtered before the expiration of the specified period can be used as food for fur-bearing animals.


    2 years from the date of production. Do not storage after first opening.