ANIMALPROFI Pig Husbandry – Fresh Ideas and Valuable Experience!

ANIMALPROFI Pig Husbandry – Fresh Ideas and Valuable Experience!


ANIMALPROFI experts will tell how to increase efficiency at the enterprises of industrial porcine production.
Yesterday, the forum participants plunged into the atmosphere of educational travel. Traditionally, the first day of the forum became an excursion that allowed the heads and representatives of farms to get acquainted with the production of veterinary drugs, which they use in practice. This year, the NITA-FARM tour route was supplemented with new production sites, i. e. the shop powder dosage forms and the shop for oral solution pre-packaging.

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Today, the main part of the educational forum has been initiated on board Valery Chkalov ship. Within two days of the working session, participants are expected to listen to reports from leading industry experts, recommendations on the treatment and prevention of diseases, practical international experience, and fresh ideas in the field of veterinary medicine.

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 Among the special guests are Zygmunt Peisak, Polish veterinarian, professor of veterinary sciences, associate professor, honorary doctor of the University of Natural Sciences in Lublin. His speeches will be devoted to reproductive and respiratory syndrome and intestinal health of pigs.

The NITA-FARM team and the ANIMALPROFI educational project team wish all forum participants a lot of new impressions and useful ideas!