NITA-FARM Opening the Microbiological Laboratory

NITA-FARM Opening the Microbiological Laboratory


More than 350 square meters of clean rooms, new research facilities, and 38 work areas – that is what a new NITA-FARM microbiological laboratory is. This laboratory has no analogues in Europe today.

«The quality is the key principle traced in all our work, and it is not accidental that NITA-FARM created a unique laboratory. To meet all the requirements, opportunities, and changing conditions of the modern world you need to constantly improve. And the laboratory, which we are solemnly opening today, is one of the significant steps towards ensuring a high level of production quality. We can rightly be proud of what we are doing, and we are to make great achievements for the sake of high goals,» said Oleg Zhukov, NITA-FARM Director, when greeting the guests at the event.


The opening ceremony was attended by partners participating in the design and construction of the laboratory. Alexei Topnikov, GMProject Head, noted the importance of team work, which allowed to implement such a large-scale project.


«The emotional background that NITA-FARM has, together with the involvement of management and employees in the process, give an impulse to create such unique inventions and work as an integral organism. The laboratory that we are launching today is really the best object of its kind. Moreover, this project is one of those that we are proud of, and most importantly, it is pleasant and comfortable for us to work with all of you,» said Alexei Topnikov to the audience.


ITC Convention was responsible for the construction work, and Vasily Topuzov, the company's Director General, joined the congratulations:

«A little more than six months ago, we opened the first section, hoping that further we will make new achievements. Today we are witnessing the next stage in Company's history, that is the opening of a microbiological laboratory. The relations between the customer in the person of NITA-FARM and our company can be called ideal with full rights. We look forward to the next steps in the development of our partnerships!»

The official part of the opening program continued with an excursion to the laboratory.

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