ANIMALPROFI Poultry Farming 2018 – Lay It!

ANIMALPROFI Poultry Farming 2018 – Lay It!


The 22nd ANIMALPROFI Poultry educational forum was held under the slogan «Lay it!». This year, the forum brought together over 150 participants aboard Fyodor Dostoyevsky four-deck motor ship. From May 31 to June 3, representatives of 50 poultry farms and industry experts from a total of 8 countries initiated a professional dialogue on improving efficiency in industrial poultry farming.

The program of the forum was designed for participants to listen to the educational material in the lecture format, and also to solve the problems of their farms with the help of international industrial experts.

Traditionally, on the first day of the forum, an excursion to the renewed the NITA-FARM production building took place. There, the Company's employees demonstrated the process of developing and producing medicines that every second Russian veterinarian uses.

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»This time the excursion program included visiting Company's new production facilities, for example, a site for sampling and sub-sampling. Here, in seconds, the authenticity of the raw material is determined without opening the package with the help of a special device - brooker. By the way, you can test its precision in an absolutely clear way as the device determines the authenticity of precious stones. This year we will present a new microbiological laboratory. This is a unique building of 350 square meters for veterinary pharmaceutical use, which has no analogues in the industry and, of course, it is our special pride,» tells Maxim Helmut, the head of the NITA-FARM PR department.

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Forum opening ceremony took place on a steam-ship, where educational sections, i. e. broiler and egg production, have been active for the following two days.

In total, the business program included 25 speakers' reports covering the most topical issues in the poultry industry.

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«Preparing a business program is the most important and difficult task. Here we try to take into account all the preferences concerning the educational content and make it maximally oriented towards the forum participants. Thanks to constantly analysing the market and identifying the needs of specialists and managers working in the largest Russian poultry farms, ANIMALPROFI offers really urgent topics to maintain professional dialogue,» says Natalia Oleinik, NITA-FARM Marketing Director.

Many representatives of poultry farms noted the practical usefulness of topics developing economic aspects. For example, Sergey Molokin, Ph.D., CIS Adisseo Eurasia Scientific and Technical Director, outlined the concept of getting additional profit in egg poultry farming.

Oleg Zhukov, Ph.D., NITA-FARM Director, explained the need for a competent system approach to the antibacterial drug use in poultry farming, and also spoke about the new technical regulation adopted in the industry on the content of antibiotic residual amounts in livestock products and how this will affect poultry enterprises.

In the egg production section Bart Stocks, doctor of veterinary medicine, Hendrix-Genetics Layears Technical Support Head, shared his experience. His reports reflected the prevention of diseases of the laying hen, as well as the infections affecting the egg-laying of a bird.

A fresh approach to the issues of mycoplasmosis was described by Marten de Goussem, doctor of veterinary medicine, a consultant on poultry farming with international experience.

Another foreign expert, Johannes Mayer, presented his reports in two sections where he told about technologies and peculiarities of fodder production in the cultivation of meat and egg poultry.

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