NITA-FARM Continues the Production Modernization

NITA-FARM Continues the Production Modernization


This is a new stage in the Company's history, as it is about creating additional areas in order to produce ready-made medicines for veterinary use.

The modernization project was developed by GMProject (Czech Republic), which is an engineering exporter in the world-class pharmaceutical industry.

To date, a site for sampling and sub-sampling has been put into operation. It is based on spectrometry principles. With the help of a special instrument called 'spectrometer', the authenticity of raw materials is determined within seconds without the necessity to open the package.


A shop for powder dosage forms and a section for oral solution pre-packaging are in their construction phase. The latter is currently being equipped with bottling, marking, and packaging plants.


Active work is being carried out to commission a microbiological laboratory, which has no analogues in the veterinary pharmaceutics of Russia. The opening of a new laboratory will increase the scope of research and control of drug production within the Company. For the first time in Saratov, it will be possible to use the LAL test to determine the pyrogenicity of injecting drugs. The laboratory's area is of 350 square meters. In the near future, the Company's employees will be able to start research in new workplaces.

Also in late May, Comasa (Argentina) equipment is expected to arrive; it will allow launching a new workshop to produce solid dosage forms.

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