NITA-FARM is Pleased to Announce the Anti-coccidiosis Program

NITA-FARM is Pleased to Announce the Anti-coccidiosis Program


Dear Colleagues, NITA-FARM is pleased to announce the anti-coccidiosis program.

The company's new product is a complete kit of coccidiosis control agents manufactured using the technology of heat-stabilizing micro-granulation. The anti-coccidiosis program includes the most effective agents of different groups (i. e. chemical and ionophore ones). 

The products are to be commercially released in the second half of 2018.

The program is based on a comprehensive approach that enables farmers to deal with the coccidiosis problem in a competent way.

Individual treatment regimens are compiled by NITA-FARM specialists after an AST field diagnostic taking into account particular farm's situational analysis.

Thus, the new anti-coccidiosis program will reduce the risk of resistance and guarantee the effectiveness of its application.

It should be noted that the products are completely safe and keep the poultry productive qualities.