NITA-FARM Employees and Customers Participated in the ESPHM 2018

NITA-FARM Employees and Customers Participated in the ESPHM 2018


This spring, Barcelona has become a professional pig husbandry center.

On May 9–11, the 10th ESPHM European Symposium 2018 concerning the porcine health management was held at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya Convention Center. NITA-FARM employees and the largest Russian pig farm representatives searched for international experience in the field of veterinary medicine.

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Traditionally, the European College of Porcine Health Management (ECPHM) and the European Association of Porcine Health Management (EAPHM) were the organizers of one of the industry's largest events. The symposium was also supported by the Spanish Research Center for Animal Health (CReSA, Center de Recerca en Sanitat Animal)

The programmed speeches concerned key topics on porcine health management, including the economic efficiency issues in animal health protection, and the discussion on immunological and vaccinal veterinary aspects. The opening speech was delivered by Miguel Angel Higuera and dedicated to the current state of pig production in Spain.

«Studying international practice allows us to adopt successful work experience, as well as to focus on possible risks in our own economy,» said Timur Temirbulatov, 'Pig husbandry' Direction Head and NITA-FARM veterinarian.

In the the conference hall, the participants could see a large exhibition of ESPHM 2018 sponsors, showing novelties of veterinary medicine.

The NITA-FARM delegation noted the high level of the event organization, which, as they thought, was to open new perspectives in the process of introducing innovations in the field of veterinary medicine.


At the symposium closing ceremony, the following event was announced, i. e. ESPHM 2019 that will be held in Utrecht (the Netherlands).