ANIMALPROFI visited Yekaterinburg once more

ANIMALPROFI visited Yekaterinburg once more


While the whole country was celebrating a significant day in the history of the humanity, meaning the Yuri Gagarin space flight, the ANIMALPROFI descent had landed in the Yekaterinburg with another responsible task - to highlight the latest issues of the cattle farming. More than 150 experts gathered in the Angelo hotel in Yekaterinburg to get more knowledge, among them there were vets and zootechnists and also farm administrators from all over Ural. As a tradition, the beginning of the forum was marked with the speech of the organizers, presented by Natalya Olejnik, NITA-FARM Marketing Director, who told about the development of the ANIMALPROFI project and marked the key special aspects of the events of this type. Dmirtij Suprunov, BIOMIN Russia CEO, turned to the participants with the complimentary speech, emphasizing that the value of the ANIMALPROFI project was also due to the team of the experts who are true professionals with the huge practical experience. It was the second ANIMALPROFI forum taking place at the Ural land.

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During 2 days the 6 speakers, among whom there were leading experts from Russia and Germany with a huge working experience have highlighted the important aspects in cattle farming development. Tino Hohmut whose main sphere of interest are feeding and metabolism issues told about the influence of the healthy feeding and the quality of the ratio on the cattle metabolism. The basic reasons of the diseases of the distal parts of the limbs in the cattle were highlighted by Rustam Galyamov, Hoof Animal Orthopedics Expert, in his presentation. Evgenij Levashov, NITA-FARM vet, highlighted the aspects of the cow mastitis prevention and treatment, while Petr Fendrikov, Cattle Genitourinary Diseases Expert, has developed the topic with the presentation about rational antibiotic treatment.

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After the formal part the participants had an opportunity to join the discussion club where every expert could help with solving the problems of any taken farm. This is a unique experience of two-way communication for the regional experts and planet-scale practical experts, to exchange with knowledge, the ideas and to get the feedback on all the questions. All the participants of the forum have an opportunity to go on communication and look through the presentations of the experts at the web-page.

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The next event by ANIMALPROFI will be held very soon on April 26-27 in Belarus, where not only cattle farmers but also poultry farmers will gather. It will be a new mark at the map of our geographic history!