NITA-FARM Company took part in the VIV MEA 2018 Trade Fair

NITA-FARM Company took part in the VIV MEA 2018 Trade Fair


VIV MEA 2018, the largest specialized trade fair dedicated to innovative technologies and equipment for poultry industry, aquaculture and dairy industry for the Middle East, Africa, India and Central Asia, was held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) on February 5-7.

For the second time manufacturers from Russia take part in this fair and exhibit their own products. With the common Russian booth being dedicated to Russia’s largest companies, NITA-FARM, the leading Russian company, exhibited its products in the VETERINARY AND ANIMAL PROTECTION hall.

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NITA-FARM treats the VIV MEA trade fair as a unique opportunity to meet the partners from all over the world and make an agreement on interaction with them. Over 280 companies from 109 countries visited the fair last year which gave NITA-FARM’s representatives a chance to assess the world vet science trends presented by international colleagues and establish effective partnership with some of them.

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The next international trade fair which NITA-FARM team is planning to participate in is EuroTier 2018, which will take place in Hanover, Germany on November 13-16.