NITA-FARM at AgroFarm – 2018

NITA-FARM at AgroFarm – 2018


A week later after one of the largest Trade Fairs “MVC: Cereals–Mixed Feed–Veterinary–2018”, the second, but no less important exhibition for animal breeding in Russia “AgroFarm–2018” took place. NITA-FARM took part in it and presented major developments of the past year and some new products of the current year. They include:

Lexoflon – broad-spectrum antibiotic for pigs and cattle with short restrictions on milk;
Lexoflon OR – new-gen fluroquinolone based on levofloxacin for poultry and pigs;
Fulgard – high-level disinfectant with favorable processing cost and minimal exposure;
Doxylox Feed –water soluble doxycycline powder for treatment and prevention of diseases in poultry and pigs;
Disoclean – the safest and high-level disinfectant for sterilization of water supply systems and drinking water.
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For the three days of AgroFarm–2018 work the NITA-FARM veterinary doctors held a series of meetings and negotiations with animal breeding representatives. They discussed some unique treatment regimens developed for optimal problem-solving in farm units, as well as gave valuable pieces of advice on working with Nita-FARM drugs.

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The follow-up meetings with the NITA-FARM representatives will take place at National ANIMALPROFI Forums. The upcoming meetings will be held in Goryachy Klyuch (February 15-16, 2018) and Voronezh (March 15-16, 2018). For more details on the dates and venues, please, see