The first lectures in the MVA. K.I. Scriabin

The first lectures in the MVA. K.I. Scriabin


Veterinary doctors of NITA-FARM Company continue to conduct training sessions for students of the Institute for Advanced Studies on the basis of the MVA named after K.I. Scriabin, this time on course "Epizootology and infectious diseases".

At the end of November, the head of the "Pig breeding" direction, the veterinarian of NITA-FARM, Timur Temirbulatov, made his report. He shared with the students the knowledge on "The main stages of the prevention of especially dangerous diseases in the industrial pig-breeding enterprise". This was primarily about professional disinfection in large farms: how to do it correctly and as efficiently as possible. This topic was chosen because this question applies to absolutely every veterinarian, since everyone faces disinfection.

Most of all, students were interested in specific examples from the practice of how a particular disinfectant works. Timur Temirbulatov told about his observations and made recommendations, including paying attention to the new product of NITA-FARM – Fulgard. The drug is highly effective against pathogens of 1, 2, 3 and 4 resistance groups, especially against ASF virus, and has low cost of treatment.

A series of training courses in MBA named after. K.I. Scriabin will continue in the coming year, as this practice helps make the work of veterinary specialists more effective.