Opening of new production sites according to GMP standards

Opening of new production sites according to GMP standards


This year, NITA-FARM, together with GMProject (Czech Republic), a recognized GMP expert, has developed and successfully implemented conceptual solutions for converting production to modern pharmaceutical industry rails that meet the European GMP standards.

In October, the grand opening of the first premises on the road to global restructuring was held. They are a new site for sampling raw materials and a site for taking samples. These production sites meet all the requirements of the EU GMP.

Sampling and takin weighted portions are carried out in a laminar flow surrounded by a zone of cleanliness class C. This is provided by a system of supply and exhaust ventilation and microfiltration of air. The required microclimate parameters and excessive static pressure between rooms are also maintained in the premises. The premises are validated.

The site of taking weighted samples is equipped with modern analytical equipment - a portable Raman spectrometer (Raman) BRAVO (Bruker, Germany). This spectrometer allows to determine in a few seconds the authenticity of each container of raw materials without opening the primary packaging, which significantly reduces the time of analysis and increases its accuracy.

The NITA-FARM team constantly strives to make its products more quality and effective for veterinarians in Russia and abroad.