Training of specialists from Tatarstan

Training of specialists from Tatarstan



ANIMALPROFI team again went to specialists in the field of animal husbandry from the Republic of Tatarstan. The main organizers of the event: NITA-FARM and BIOMIN. All-Russian Forum was held with the support of the Atninsky Agricultural Technical School named after Gabdulla Tukay, in which the specialists of this region are trained in veterinary and zootechnical crafts. The initiative of holding the second event of this year for ANIMALPROFI was taken by the acting specialists of Tatarstan themselves.

One of the speakers of the Forum, Mikhail Varenikov, Ph.D., General director of the scientific and practical center "Effective Animal Husbandry", explains this need for training by the growing crisis of personnel in the industry. "Now it is very noticeable that the shortage of personnel affects the educational institutions, and scientific support is also behind. We sincerely want to enter foreign markets, but, in most cases, we still do not have enough professional qualifications to do this. Personnel training is one of the weakest links in animal husbundry. Such forums make it possible to solve this problem,” - the expert explains.

More than 160 representatives of farms and other specialists of the animal husbandry sector arrived at the event. The organizers of the project ANIMALPROFI have prepared 8 reports on various topics relevant to the region, for example, the issue of combating antibiotic resistance that is especially acute in the region, metabolic problems and parasitosis of cattle. Moreover, their experience was shared first of all not by theorists, but by acting practitioners. They, like no one else, understood the needs of the Forum participants, which did not remain without the attention of those present. "Firstly, such a forum allows us to remember the knowledge that was received   during   education and, unfortunately, forgotten over time. Secondly, the experts share the experience they have received in Russia and abroad. Therefore, such events should be held at least once a quarter. This knowledge allows you to see those mistakes that others have committed, and as a result avoid them themselves. A person who wants to solve issues at his/her own farm will necessarily take part in the ANIMALPROFI Forum", chief scientist on reproduction of JSC “Agrosila” Rail Sultanov shared his impressions.

For those who could not attend the ANIMALPROFI Forum, all reports of speakers, video lectures and other related material will appear on the website in section "Knowledge Base". On the same Internet resource you can register for the next Forum within the framework of the educational project ANIMALPROFI, which will be held in Novosibirsk from October 12 to October 13, 2017.