Poultry Breeders from All Countries at ANIMALPROFI

Poultry Breeders from All Countries at ANIMALPROFI


A take on the famous Soviet slogan – “Poultry breeders of every country shall unite!” – is just what is needed to describe one of the most important events in poultry breeding industry: ANIMALPROFI Forum. More than 200 participants joined the professional community on the Semyon Budyonny four-deck motor vessel on August 24-27. This time speakers and representatives of 11 countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and the USA were present at the event.

«This time ANIMALPROFI Forum exceeded all the previous ones by the number of foreign and Russian speakers. It is connected both with the popularity of the event, that grows exponentially, and with the high-quality business program, which really helps the work. We intend to keep up with the pace no matter what», - was the greeting of Oleg Zhukov, NITA-FARM’s director, to the guests. Dmitri Suprunov, regional director of BIOMIN Eastern Europe, added: «The people who want to work efficiently and get high results have gathered at the event today. It is nice to see a big amount of such specialists gathered together».

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It is a truly unique opportunity to listen to the presentations of foreign experts. It is not a secret that the cutting-edge technologies in the area of feed production belong to European companies. Finding out the foreign colleagues’ point of view and speaking to them while sitting at the same table is an interesting and useful experience gained by the participants of ANIMALPROFI Forum.

«I loved the open atmosphere of the event and the opportunity to hold a discussion. It was possible indoors, outdoors, anytime, including after the business program, which is a rarity at such events», - was the impression of Mohamed Hafez, professor, Dr. habil. of veterinary science, head of Veterinary Medicine department at the Free University of Berlin.

A Discussion Club was especially popular: a platform where the guests of the Forum could talk to the speakers eye to eye. During those dialogues, the participants could freely talk about problems of their farms and ask for advice. Such communication is also a great way to make new acquaintances with the leading professionals in the global poultry industry, which is one of the main purposes of ANIMALPROFI Forum.

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«Today’s world is a world of information and crazy speed. Those who can receive information first are able to use it to their advantage. Therefore, any opportunity to talk to someone, even if it is not a subject matter expert, can lead to a new, completely unexpected solution», - says one of the Forum speakers Eduard Mailyan, independent expert and practitioner in the sphere of veterinary and maintenance technology.

In total, 25 presentations on different areas of poultry breeding have been prepared for the participants of ANIMALPROFI Forum. For example, Sergei Shabayev, president of Agrosprom, has analyzed the latest data from all poultry farms of the country and outlined modern industry development trends.

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Another speaker, Norbert Mischke, has shared with ANIMALPROFI community information on the main mistakes made in the preparation for productive period. All examples covered in the presentation were taken solely from his own practical experience.

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The Austrian veterinary expert in the poultry breeding area, Imre Horváth-Papp, has also shared his experience in international practice. The theme of his presentation was «Avian pneumovirus: differential diagnosis, preventive measures, and treatment». It is not the first time that the expert appears in front of the ANIMALPROFI Forum guests, but he prepares a unique content for each event.

Natalya Oleinik, marketing director of NITA-FARM, speaks of selecting informational content of the event and setting up the business program: «By way of conducting polls, analyzing market situation we reveal the most urgent issues and develop the content based on our findings. It is non-commercial, which is the main idea of the ANIMALPROFI education project. The information should be non-biased and based on the demands of our Forums’ participants, specialists and directors of the largest poultry farms in Russia».

NITA-FARM has been the main organizer of the ANIMALPROFI project for the last three years. BIOMIN, a leader in the area of feedstuff and feed supplements, is a permanent partner of the event. Sergei Shabayev and the International Poultry Breeders Forum traditionally support the Forum, and so did the Korpas veterinary company. Another partner is EcoVet that deals with the drugs of Spanish Catalysis, S.L. The Potok Inter research and production company has also provided its help.







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