Advanced Training at the ANIMALPROFI Forum

Advanced Training at the ANIMALPROFI Forum


Nowadays, the animal farming is one of the few Russian industries where our country is in the global list of the most developed countries. Import substitution fulfilment, state program of development and funding, including poultry and pig breeding industries; have provided a large impetus for agricultural development – not just for those areas, but also for the related ones that are involved in the meat production process. An example of the animal and poultry industry development in our country may become a successful case for many countries. Despite that, the market players still have to encounter serious challenges and deficiency of resources for effective development. One of the biggest issues is personnel growth: in this area, the phrase “people make all the difference” is as relevant as ever.

Training and introducing high-ranking specialists is the main purpose of the ANIMALPROFI education project that annually unites hundreds of farm representatives and experts.

«If we are talking about pig breeding industry, nowadays we have neither problems with funding, nor with development. We only have one problem, and it is with the personnel, training, learning new information. ANIMALPROFI is the best platform to address those issues», - says the leader of the National hog farmers alliance Yuri Kovalev.

This year 220 representatives of animal farms, partners and speakers have joined the ANIMALPROFI education project. For three days, on June 1-4, the guests of the Forum have been discussing relevant topics and points of interest with the leading industry experts at the Fyodor Dostoyevsky four-deck motor vessel. The event was organized by NITA-FARM and BIOMIN, with the aid of Korpas, Rabos and Boehringer Ingelheim.