The ANIMALPROFI education project has reached the Russian capital. On May 22, representatives of Russian and foreign large-scale poultry farms arrived to Solnechny park-hotel to take part in the Forum.

The organizers of the event invited a worldwide famous veterinarian Imre Horváth-Papp, Dr. habil., to meet the visitors of the event. Dr. Horváth-Papp is an Austrian scientist and, most importantly, a practitioner. The doctor is well-known in the professional community after publication of the first complex guide on broiler diseases.

Dr. Imre Horváth-Papp presented three reports to the participants of the ANIMALPROFI forum: on the infectious bronchitis of birds, basics of immunology and avian influenza. In his last presentation, the Austrian expert shared the latest data on the spread of the disease across the world and its consequences for humanity in the future.

The NITA-FARM employee Ilya Fyodorov also presented his report on balanced antibacterial treatment. And Ivan Shabayev, a BIOMIN specialist, covered the topic of safe and efficient feed supplements.

An international Forum to be held on a four-deck motor vessel awaits the members of ANIMALPROFI community. It will take place on June 1-4 for the animal farm specialists, and on August 24-27 for the poultry farm specialists.

See you later at the events under the ANIMALPROFI sign. Remember, this is where the experts unite.