Help to Man’s Best Friends


Spring is probably one of the most dangerous periods for domestic animals fanciers. Fleas, mites and other parasites long to turn our animals into their new home. Even the cats and dogs that don’t leave their houses are at risk, not to mention homeless animals.

Help comes from volunteers of different organizations that treat, care for and look for owners for cats and dogs that ended up on the street. The so-called “strays” must be properly cured from vermin, their wounds must be disinfected, but the most difficult mission is trying to find them a new home. By the way, the volunteers work for free, sometimes even spending their own money: animal food and veterinary drugs cost a lot.

NITA-FARM has supported the volunteers of the “Red tail” movement in Saratov and gave them more than a thousand boxes of their products, including anti-mite agent Ivermek-gel and Septo-gel – a cure for damaged skin and mucous membranes. Now it will be easier for the defenders of homeless animals to fight for lives of their wards. According to the volunteers, a clean and healthy pet has a hundred times more chances to find a new, maybe even first home. And tens of families can find long-desired favorites.