ANIMALPROFI Forum is now in St. Petersburg

ANIMALPROFI Forum is now in St. Petersburg


There are not so many events for the representatives of livestock farming where they can receive way more than the professional knowledge. This is a real-life communication with colleagues and an invaluable exchange of experience. Such an event in the life of the community was the ANIMALPROFI Forum.

This time ANIMALPROFI team decided to expand the scopes and went to St. Petersburg. There the All-Russian ANIMALPROFI Forum “Modern technologies of efficiency upgrading in livestock industry” was held from October 27 to October 28.

The event gathered over 100 participants. Basically they were veterinarians from the Leningrad region. Most of them had studied in the same universities, but then the connection between them was lost as is often the case. Therefore, the meeting of the fellow students and colleagues at the ANIMALPROFI Forum turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Within the framework of business program, the recognized experts in the field of livestock farming Sergei Pozdnyakov and Rustem Galyamov appeared. Moreover, the organizers of the Forum made their reports. Among them there were the NITA-FARM representatives Evgeniy Levashov and Igor Porvatkin, the BIOMIN specialist Elena Pavlova, the Trouw Nutrition veterinarian Anton Avdeev and the Vetinvest employees.

The Discussion Club is worth mentioning as a separate point. Thanks to it all participants had the opportunity to discuss face to face with the speaker his practical decisions in matters of livestock farming to use them in work afterward.

During the Forum we all became part of one big family called ANIMALPROFI in which there are already more than 800 people. These people are professionals in the fields of veterinary medicine and animal science. Stay in touch with your new friends, associate with them and ask questions in discussions on the website or with help of ANIMALPROFI application which can be installed on your phone.

We will meet again at the ANIMALPROFI 2017 Forum very soon. In Saratov it will be held from June 15 to June 18 for the representatives of the livestock farms and from August 24 to August 27 for the specialists of the poultry farms.

 Remember, please, that professionals unite here. ANIMALPROFI.