Nita-Farm: the best at the AgroFarm - 2016!

Nita-Farm: the best at the AgroFarm - 2016!

For the Nita-Farm Company, January 2016 was marked by this year's first awards and achievements.

On January 19-21, the exhibition "Agrofarm 2016" brought together more than 360 exhibitors from Russia and 27 foreign countries. The event was attended by over 12 thousand visitors from 45 countries and 73 regions of Russia.

Nita-Farm was represented by a large stand, that fully expressed the company's commitment to follow the principles of quality, responsibility and innovation.


During the exhibition numerous negotiations with business partners and representatives of farms were held, various agreements have been achieved, including the internationally important ones. The visitors have noted a good representation of the Company's portfolio and the number of new products with unique properties, relaxing ambiance and professionalism of the Nita-farm employees, the usability of the new website -


One of the brightest events was the award ceremony for the winners of the annual competition, held during the exhibition, which took place on January 19 at 11:00 am in the pavilion 75. The organizers focused the attention of the audience on the fact that number of applications for participation has continued to grow in three categories: "Best Product AgroFarm - 2016", "Best service AgroFarm - 2016" and "Best scientific development AgroFarm - 2016".

After the consideration of applicants by an independent international commission of experts, they defined the project that has received the cherished award "Best at the AgroFarm - 2016". In the category "Best Product - AgroFarm 2016" the Grand Prix was awarded to the product of the Nita-Farm company Rikazol, a highly effective antihelminthic drug of the new generation! Another mirrored statuette graced the collection of achievements of the Company and has taken its rightful place in it.


The company’s plans for the near future are releases of new products that will take a firm position on the market, organization of large-scale events and strengthening the sphere of influence in the industry of domestic veterinary drugs production.

We will have something to surprise you with next year!

See you at the "AgroFarm - 2017" exhibition!