The new look of veterinary pharmacy was presented at AgroFarm 2014

The new look of veterinary pharmacy was presented at AgroFarm 2014


On February 4-6, Nita-Farm presented everyone at AgroFarm 2014 with its new look, which included the company's new logo and new product packaging. Of course, it was not just the company's appearance that changed. The main purpose of the update was to create an even more efficient customer feedback system, which includes a comprehensive approach to solving veterinary problems. We are creating new standards in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry which are focused on the key interests and requirements of customers – a kind of formula of reliability for the veterinary profession.


If you were not able to attend the presentation of our company's new look of veterinary pharmacy at AgroFarm 2014, you can take a look at it here.

The Best Product Award was an important event at the exhibition. The medicinal product Ivermek-ON, developed and produced by Nita-Farm, was one of the award winners.

Ivermek-ON is an effective antiparasitic medication which is used to combat diseases caused by ectoparasites, especially red poultry mite, and is suitable for use at poultry farms. In order to achieve the maximum effect, we suggest using Ivermek-ON combined together with Ivermek OR.

In addition to the Best Product winner, visitors at the exhibition paid a lot of attention to the company's latest developments:

Doxylox OR — a professional antibacterial drug from the latest generation of tetracyclines in the form of an oral solution for use in pig and poultry farming.

Cyflunit-ON— a highly-effective insecticide based on an exclusive formula. It is used to disinfect buildings and has a long-term effect which lasts up to 3 months.

We would like to thank everyone who attended AgroFarm 2014. We will be very happy to see you again next year!