Introducing Lean Production Methods: An Important Step towards Modernization

Introducing Lean Production Methods: An Important Step towards Modernization


For the first time, the world started talking about the concept of lean production in the mid-1950s, when Japanese innovator Tayiti Ono, after having analyzed the experience of the world’s best companies, decided to create its own continuous improvement system at Toyota Motor Corporation. Today, Lean Production methods have been recognized and used by the world’s largest companies, including such giants as Boeing, Alcoa, and United Technologies, Porsche, Instrum-Rand. After nearly 30 years, this philosophy has spread throughout the world. In Russia, Rosatom has been a pioneer in creating an updated production system now considered one of the most advanced in our country.

In 2017, Russia began to move towards increasing the efficiency of businesses, supported at the governmental level: many countries have allocated special grants for this purpose. The national project entitled “Labor Productivity and Employment Support” was approved by the Presidium of the Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects under the President of the Russian Federation by minutes dated September 24, 2018. Its main goal is disseminating knowledge and developing effective measures to increase labor productivity in large and medium enterprises by introducing Lean Production techniques.

The development of innovative technology is a key factor in the sustainable competitiveness of almost any company. The process of modernization at NITA-FARM launched in 2018 is still шт progress. One of the important steps towards the improvement was successfully passing several selection stages for the “Labor Productivity and Employment Support” program. The Company was selected as one of the leading and most dynamically developing businesses in the Saratov Region. Under this project, it is planned to improve the production system using the Lean Production principles and tools.

In the next 3 years, NITA-FARM will undergo important changes that will affect almost all areas of its activity. Not only production will undergo transformation; changes will affect almost all the processes. They include personnel and material management, optimization of stocks and logistics operations. These changes will be possible due to comprehensive government support, training of the Company’s personnel by the Federal Competence Center’s experts who will be able to get the principles of Lean Production and 5S across the employees and will help them master new work methods.

Introducing the Lean Production methods is a process of continuous stage-by-stage improvements, which ultimately will increase the production efficiency and allow the Company not to stand pat in face of fierce competition with leading industry enterprises.