ANIMALPROFI Poultry Farming: A Platform for Expert Communication

ANIMALPROFI Poultry Farming: A Platform for Expert Communication


Three days of the ANIMALPROFI Forum, rich in poultry farming knowledge, new ideas, and experiences, have ended. This year, more than 120 people met aboard the three-deck motor ship “Valery Chkalov” to talk about some important things. On June 13 to 16, representatives of 35 poultry farms, as well as world-famous experts from Austria, Netherlands, and Russia, exchanged practical experience to develop the most effective solutions to urgent problems in veterinary support of poultry farms.


For NITA-FARM, the last year was marked by opening of a microbiological laboratory and launching new production facilities; therefore, on the first day of the Forum, all guests went on a tour of the upgraded production areas. While visiting the factory, the Forum participants could see all the processes from the inside and personally assess the high product quality control at all medicine production stages.

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The business program of the event took place onboard the ship and, by tradition, opened with a welcome speech from the organizers – Oleg Zhukov, NITA-FARM Director, and the BIOMIN CEO. Natalya Oleynik, Marketing and Sales Director, started by inspiring everyone with the promise that, at the end of the Forum, all participants would become carriers of unique knowledge and competencies. “We are confident of being able to inspire you to positive changes in your farm and business as a whole, and this will be another incentive to continue this project for our team!”, as Natalya told the audience and urged them to be proactive and not afraid to ask questions.

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Interesting topics, lively debates and discussions, incredible atmosphere, burning eyes – these are the features of the project with the proud name of ANIMALPROFI. To listen to presentations of foreign experts is a truly unique opportunity; therefore, we carefully selected speakers and topics for the Forum presentations. This time, as carriers of valuable knowledge and experience, we invited Christian ter Veen, Doctor of Veterinary, Master of Poultry, veterinarian of the GD Animal Health Company, Netherlands, and Doctor Imre Horvath-Papp, an independent expert from Austria, already well-known to us from the last Forum. As part of the Forum business program, Christian made 3 presentations dedicated to current poultry pathologies: treatment of coccidiosis, salmonellosis control; he also talked about possible issues with the birds’ intestines. In his presentations, Doctor Horvath-Papp touched on equally important topics. His reports covered in detail the issues of the propagation and treatment of infectious laryngotracheitis, ornithobacteriosis, and mycoplasmosis in industrial poultry farming. His also discussed foot disease issues in broilers.

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In his speech, the Company’s Director Oleg Zhukov presented the features of the current requirements of technical regulations for food safety and recommendations to avoid problems associated with antibacterial agent residues in finished products. Dmitry Suprunov, Director of NITA-FARM Trading House, prepared a paper on the features of using of coccidiostatics and presented to all those present the new program – MAX-effect – to control coccidiosis, based on the unique technology of thermostabilizing micro granulation.

Ivan Shabaev, Candidate of Biological Sciences and BIOMIN’s Commercial Director, told the audience about innovation, the recent research, and the development prospects for the effective feeding industry, and spoke about an integrated approach to reducing the use of antibiotics and the importance of maintaining the bird’s intestine microflora balance.

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After the main part of the program, the Forum participants could join the discussion club held in the format of roundtables, where everyone was given the opportunity to contact an expert for solving a problem. It is in these dialogs that participants had an opportunity to openly talk about the situation on their farms and to ask for advice. This kind of communication is a great way to make new acquaintances with the world’s leading poultry professionals – and this is the main mission of the ANIMALPROFI Forums.

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In total, 16 presentations were made for the ANIMALPROFI Forum participants, concerning various areas of poultry farming. If someone didn’t manage to attend the event personally, the texts and videos of all the presentations will be published very soon on the website in the knowledge base section.

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