NITA-FARM met Foreign Visitors at the 3rd Partner Club Congress

NITA-FARM met Foreign Visitors at the 3rd Partner Club Congress


From June 5 to 8, Saratov hosted a meeting as part of the Partners Club, attended by representatives of 7 countries.


During the visit, heads and representatives of companies selling NITA-FARM products in their regions got acquainted with the production facilities and product development results of the Russian manufacturer. For some partners, this was not their first visit to Saratov and to the Company facility; but, due to the completed large-scale modernization, we have a lot of new reasons to meet and discuss. Natalya Oleynik, NITA-FARM Marketing and Sales Director, spoke to all guests: “It was important for us that you come here, see all the processes from the inside, to be sure of the products you offer your customers.”

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Ruslan Bisengaliev, NITA-FARM Export Director: “The Partners Club is a platform where opinion leaders discuss general and particular issues arising in their work. At the congress, we held roundtables where we discussed important strategic issues, summed up the short-term results, and made further long-term plans.” For all partners, training was organized on NITA-FARM products, which was conducted by NITA-FARM experts: Vladimir Zubarev, the Company’s Chief Veterinary Officer, and Ilya Rogov, business coach.

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Such events carry a very important and strategically significant message, as they help strengthen interaction between the Company and representatives of our distributors from different countries. We give our partners the opportunity to see the high standards of NITA-FARM's activities through their personal experience.

Vladimir Mandrik, the KLM company’s Chief Veterinarian Officer, shared his impressions of the event: “During the tour of the factory, we realized that its managers think about the product quality and invest in its development; it appeals to our company’s values. We want to be open to our customers, to provide them with quality assurance; so, having visited the Company, we saw that you invest in the production facilities and their modernization. It inspires confidence which we will also translate to our customers.”

This is the third event of the past year. Let us remind that the Club’s first meeting was held in Kyrgyzstan on Lake Issyk-Kul at the ADISVETPHARM company’s site. The second event was held as part of the Grain-Feedstuff-Veterinary exhibition in January 2019.


The next Partners Club congress will have a new venue, and it will be a good tradition: to get together to the countries where our partners are represented in order to get to know each other better, to get acquainted with national traditions and culture. We are confident that such activities will help achieve even better results in all regions of our country and abroad.