NITA-FARM participation in the Russian Exhibition of Breeding Sheep and Goats


From May 22 to May 25 2019 in the Astrakhan Region on the territory of A.S. Pushkin Health Establishment for Children of Yaksatovo Village, Privolzhsky District, the 20th Russian Exhibition of Breeding Sheep and Goats took place where NITA-FARM participated for the fourth time. The Company's booth was visited by a number of breeding sheep farms representatives, who received consultations on the best ways to solve the veterinary problems from the leading veterinarians of NITA-FARM. During the exhibition, a key emphasis was on the products successfully applied in sheep breeding. These are convenient insecticide in form of pour-on spray Cyflunit-ON, anthelmintics Alvet and Alvet Suspension, injectable antiparasitic drug Meradok, as well as broad-spectrum antibiotic Azitronit М and Nitox 200.

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This event is held to strengthen the position of sheep breeding in the Russian Federation, to implement the experience of advanced farms and scientific achievements in sheep breeding as well as to improve the image of farmsteads and animal industry in general.