NITA-FARM at VIV Asia Trade Fair in Bangkok

NITA-FARM at VIV Asia Trade Fair in Bangkok


On March 11-13 the International Specialized Agriculture and Livestock Trade Fair VIV Asia 2019 was held in Bangkok. NITA-FARM took part in it and was represented by New Markets Director Ravil Davydov and Marketing Dept. representative Dmitry Dudin.


NITA-FARM has already launched shipping veterinary drugs to Asian countries and it is important for us to consider all global trends in animal industry in order to produce genuinely high-quality drugs. Visiting such large-scale events provides not only an opportunity to get acquainted with a wide range of products and services but also enables constructive dialogue and exchange of views between Russia and Asia,effective networking and development of positive competition.

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During the trade fair, our specialists managed to hold a number of useful meetings with foreign colleagues who showed a keen interest in the latest unique developments of our product portfolio, so we can talk about the potential for growth and establishment of long-term partnerships.

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 Strengthening the position of NITA-FARM in foreign markets has a fruitful effect on all consumers since positive competition and a different insights in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry allow finding new solutions and achieve better results.

VIV Asia is one of the largest and most important international events for livestock companies. It covers a wide range of products and services including the equipment and technologies required for livestock, feedingstuffs, processes and equipment for product processing. Besides the growing Asian market players the Trade Fair presented but also influential leaders of the industry.