Product Safety Criteria: interview with the Director of NITA-FARM

Product Safety Criteria: interview with the Director of NITA-FARM


Today, the tendency to healthy eating habits pushes people to scrutinize what they eat. The consumers’ growing interest for methods of livestock products manufacturing makes the food safety issue important and widely discussed.

The intensive development of agriculture has induced an increase in use of the chemicals harmful to a human and increase of pathogenic microorganisms, many of which ingress in alimentary raw material and then in food. Thus, having achieved an increase in the quantity of food supply we have significantly lost in its quality.

On February 16, Vesti FM radio station held the discussion regarding the agricultural products safety, which was attended by Director of NITA-FARM, Oleg Zhukov, Chairman of the Stewardship Council of the Stolypin Award Foundation, Musheg Mamikonyan and reporter Valery Sanfirov.


Oleg Zhukov took on the role of an expert in the veterinary pharmaceutics and in the course of discussion he answered in detail the burning questions that concern many modern consumers, namely:

· What is antibiotic resistance, and what risks it poses to humans;

· What are the ways to reduce potential risks today;

· What measures need to be taken to ensure safety of livestock products.

Listen to the full version of the interview on radio station web-site .