NITA-FARM at the AGROFARM-2019 Exhibition

NITA-FARM at the AGROFARM-2019 Exhibition


One of the largest events in Russian industrial animal farming - AGROFARM-2019 – took place for the thirteenth time in Moscow on February 5-7. This exhibition is unique in providing its participants with opportunities to share their opinions and discuss pressing issues between the state agencies, the representatives of farming and pharmaceutical industries and the end consumers.

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Over 400 companies from 30 countries were represented at the exhibition. The NITA-FARM company presented new entries in its product portfolio, among which was its sales hit – Mitrek, an intra-uterine suspension for chronic and subacute endometritis treatment, allowing use of the milk produced as early as the next day after application.

One of NITA-FARM’s key objectives for 2019 is to develop a consulting service for industrial animal farms. As a part of our comprehensive customer support, the company’s exposition offered consultations including design of custom treatment plans and assistance in solving problems faced by farms.

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NITA-FARM’s representatives will next meet their customers at the national ANIMALPROFI forums. The company’s veterinarians and experts will meet in Ufa, Bashkortostan, as early as the next month. You can learn more about the events’ planned dates and locations at: