The Grain – Feed Compounds – Veterinary 2019 Exhibition has Concluded

The Grain – Feed Compounds – Veterinary 2019 Exhibition has Concluded


The key industry exhibition “MVC: Grain – Feed Compounds – Veterinary” has concluded.

In the latest years Russian farming has become a modern and competitive industry with robust growth rates and excellent perspectives. Three working days of the Grain – Feed Compounds – Veterinary exhibition marked a productive start of the year 2019 for every industry actor. Farming professionals from all over the world gathered at the Moscow Exhibition of Economic Achievements from January 30 to February 1 to discuss the most pressing issues in the agricultural industry. In total, over 440 companies from 25 countries participated in the event.

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Traditionally, NITA-FARM took part in the “Veterinary” section of the exhibition, giving all the participants an opportunity to learn about the latest development in the pharmaceutical production.

The following items drew particular attention from our guests:

·   MAX-effect, our anticoccidial program;

·   Mitrek, an intra-uterine suspension for endometritis treatment was a sales hit from the get go!

·    A broad-spectrum antibiotics line presented as granulated and water-soluble powders.

In the modern market conditions the NITA-FARM company commits not only to quality production, but to a comprehensive approach to full support programs for farms.


Our veterinarians invited farmers to a series of meetings, where they designed custom treatment plans based on their needs and problems. In addition to the veterinary advice the exhibition participants learned about the effective solutions developed by NITA-FARM researchers together with animal and poultry farming professionals.

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