Second National Professional Forum “Industrial veterinary science and Zootechnics”

Second National Professional Forum “Industrial veterinary science and Zootechnics”


On 11 and 12th of September there took place Second National Professional Forum “Industrial veterinary science and Zootechnics”. It should be emphasized that this year’s Forum reached an international status and the number of members was impressively colossal. The Forum’s organizer was NITA-FARM company, a leading veterinary medical manufacturer, that together with brood poultry nucleus BPN “Sverdlovskiy” specialized on eggs production and a distribution company “Korpas”, gathered over 140 representatives of poultry manufactories from Russia coupled with industry experts and different foreign guests – poultry manufactory specialists from Brazil, the Netherlands and CIS states. Forum was held under the auspices of the International Stockbreeders Forum chairman Mr. S.V. Shabaev.


As it was mentioned by Forum’s members: “… good organization and the size of the event can not surprise representatives of poultry manufacturing sector, but commonly evaluated opportunity of obtaining new precious and helpful information can. This was reached by organizers!” In the course of programme there were presented especially interesting reports by the principal of the Stockbreeding factory from Brazil Mr. Jose Roberto Bottura and by a veterinary specialist Mr. Bart Stockvis from an “ISA Hendrix Genetics” company (the Netherlands); in their reports they tried to outline the state of the stockbreeding sphere in their countries at a highly detailed degree and share their experiences in solving current problems.

All members got an opportunity not only to exchange effective foreign praxes but also consult mastering Russian experts in this sphere such as S.V. Shabaev, T.M. Okolelova, M.E. Dmitrieva, V.N. Irza, V.N. Aphonushkin and many others.

Forum gave all its members an opportunity to visit the factory of the Forum organizing company – NITA FARM and to witness high standard manufacturing. Stockbreeding experts and foreign guests said they were surprised to see a modern high-technology industrial network organized according to GMP standards “that is on par with numerous European plants”.

Two days of hard work and intercommunication on board of a four-decker cruise ship “Surgeon Razumovskiy” occurred to be rather productive: experience shared and new significant contacts set – all this makes us sure that next NITA-FARM Forum is to be even more interesting and intense!