Mitrek: A Novelty for the Treatment of Endometritis

Mitrek: A Novelty for the Treatment of Endometritis


Chronic endometritis in cows is one of the main causes of failed insemination and infertility, which cannot positively affect the performance of livestock breeding companies. The risk of developing a uterus mucous membrane inflammation of varying severity exists in virtually every cow, especially in a postnatal period. Endometritis not only increases non-productive costs for the animal treatment, feeding, and husbandry, but also leads to premature culling of highly productive cows.

NITA-FARM presents a new solution for the treatment of chronic and latent endometritis in cows with the possibility of using milk the next day: the antibacterial drug Mitrek.

Due to the special suspension formula, a single administration is sufficient to provide the necessary concentration of the active substance.

The way of administration is simple: a syringe is connected to a catheter and is inserted into the uterus with rectal fixation of the cervix. The active ingredient easily penetrates the endometrium and is absorbed into the systemic circulation only in a small amount.

Therefore, the waiting period for milk after the drug administration is minimal: only 1 day.

Unlike pills, the Mitrek intrauterine suspension is easily introduced into the uterine cavity when the cervix is closed. Cefapirin in the drug composition destroys the majority of bacteria causing endometritis. To date, preparations based on cephalosporins are one of the main groups of antibiotics used for antibiotic therapy in dairy cattle. The effectiveness of using Mitrek for the treatment of endometritis is manifested in accelerated recovery of animals and maintaining their productivity!

The Mitrek intrauterine suspension is a novelty in the endometritis therapy and an effective way to achieve high productivity!