ANIMALPROFI Pig Breeding: The Forum Topics and Opinions

ANIMALPROFI Pig Breeding: The Forum Topics and Opinions


To get answers, to get inspired with ideas, and to acquire useful contacts – each member of the ANIMALPROFI project finds there his or her interest, plunging into the atmosphere of the Forum.

For the participants of the ANIMALPROFI Forum organized by NITA-FARM with the support of the National Union of Pig Breeders and the BIOMIN Company, the last weekend of the summer passed with the participation of experts from the pig-breeding industry of Russia, Austria, and Poland.


In more than 15 presentations, they discussed the ways to increase the efficiency in industrial pig breeding. The speakers paid particular attention to the treatment and prevention of certain diseases, as well as the management and feeding at industrial pig farms.

Each speaker is a practical industry expert. The communication with leading experts allows veterinarians and livestock professionals to get the maximum of useful ideas applicable in their work.

Participants who have already visited the Forum, and those who attended ANIMALPROFI for the first time this year, unanimously noted the unique format of the event.

Anita Urbanchik, a speaker at ANIMALPROFI, a BIOMIN’s technical experts: “We are all in the same boat – in every sense of this word. Here, people feel free and can ask questions not only after lectures, but also in the roundtable format, discussing important issues, getting ideas and solutions from experts”.


A special guest of the forum and a business program speaker was Zygmunt Pejsak, a Polish veterinarian, Professor of Veterinary Science, Assistant Professor, Honorary Doctor of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. For most participants, the lectures of the Professor served as working guidelines for pig breeding, which opened a new look at the usual problems in the industry.

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Elena Sizareva, an expert in pig breeding, noted in her interview after the forum: “Pig breeding in our country has entered a period when diseases cause significant damage. Now, it is important to comprehensively approach the search for solutions, to find answers, and such large seminars as ANIMALPROFI help us in this important and difficult matter. It is worth noting that experts began to ask questions, to work at roundtables – they are sharing experiences, looking for ways out of crisis situations. I hope that ANIMALPROFI will continue to bring great benefit to veterinarians in solving their problems”.


The presentation by Sergey Kukushkin, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, the Head of Technical Department for Pig Products in CIS Countries at Beringer Ingelheim, LLC, aroused great interest among the audience. His reports presented new trends in the Russian pig industry based on examples of respiratory disease control during fattening and swine circovirus infections.


Anatoly Kudryashov, Professor, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, the Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy and Forensic Medicine at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine, told to forum participants about the specifics of autopsy in pig-breeding. In his report, Anatoly clearly demonstrated the possibilities of differential diagnosis, having presented a training video.


After his speech, Anatoly shared his views on educational projects in the industry:

“Evolving pig breeding in Russia requires highly qualified professionals. As a rule, the training level within the university program is not high enough, and they almost always have to finish their education when working in the industry. Such forums, that brings together pharmaceutical companies, producers, and pig farmers with involvement of scientific staff, create a complete picture of the industry – a fusion of opinions, experience, and practical ideas. At ANIMALPROFI, informative material is presented simply, without common phrases: only practical experience, what allows you to concentrate on really important issues”.

For the first time, Ilya Zubtsov, the Chief Product Specialist at the PIC Company, was invited as a speaker at the ANIMALPROFI Forum. In his very informative presentation, he disclosed the conditions affecting the absorption of food by piglets, and also spoke about the main factors reducing weight gain. Correct feed conversion strongly affects the profitability of pig farms; therefore, this topic was very relevant for the audience.


The business program included speeches by NITA-FARM’s representatives. In his presentation, Oleg Zhukov, the Director of NITA-FARM, explained the peculiarities of the current requirements of technical regulations for food safety and gave recommendations to avoid the problems associated with the presence of antibacterial agents residues in finished products. Timur Temirbulatov, a veterinarian at NITA-FARM, the Head of the Pig Breading business line, told about the problems of streptococcosis in pigs, the methods of prevention and treatment of this disease in problem breeding areas.

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