Happy Birthday, NITA-FARM!


25 years ago marked the beginning of the company that can be confidently called one of the modern leaders in the industry, and certainly the one with the fastest development. The history of its growth coincides with the most important stages of business development and establishment in our country. Those were difficult times, which makes the experience accumulated for the years even more precious.

NITA-FARM can be rightfully considered a long-living one: statistically, the average lifetime of a Russian company lasts 7 years. Many discoveries, incredible ascents and good changes took place throughout all those years. A small laboratory turned into a large production enterprise, where more than 70 kinds of medical products are created to be presented in 12 countries.

People have always been one of the keys to NITA-FARM’s success: each of the company employees is involved in its history in one way or another. It is their job that allows the Company to constantly grow and develop. Nowadays, every second veterinarian in Russia uses products with NITA-FARM label, which is a good reason to be proud of the job well done.