Tatyana Kravtseva: "NITA-FARM – is a good example of import substitution of pharmaceutical production for livestock development"


In February the Minister of Agriculture of the Saratov region, Tatiana Kravtseva visited NITA-FARM. During the visit, the Minister took a tour of the production and spoke with the representatives of the company - the Deputy General Director Zhukov O.I., Director of Manufacturing Kozhukhovsky G.V., director of quality Podlubnaya A.A., Head of Marketing Oleinik N.V.

«This is a good example of import substitution of pharmaceutical products for livestock development. The use of veterinary drugs that are not just domestic but local, produced in Saratov, will significantly reduce the cost of livestock production, particularly in the poultry industry, and, most importantly, improve its quality. The Ministry of Agriculture of the region will support the promotion of research of Saratov scientists at the agricultural enterprises in the Saratov region ", - said Tatiana Kravtseva.

Oleg Zhukov, in his turn, shared his impressions of the meeting:

«It is always nice to see the notes of surprise in the eyes of the visitors when they are introduced to the factory for the first time, because many of us, even though we live in one city, do not suspect that a world-class production of veterinary drugs is located so close to us! Approval of Tatyana Mikhailovna, who is without a doubt an expert in the field that has visited domestic and foreign enterprises, is even more valuable».