Technical support of NITA-FARM


We take a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of animal husbandry, offering advice from our specialists and leading experts in the field of veterinary medicine, animal science and related fields.

NITA-FARM provides its key customers with technical support. Here's what we offer as part of the program:

  • audit and recommendations on production management, maintenance technologies, biosafety, veterinary medicine, etc.

  • organization and support of drug testing

In 2020, we began to provide technical support for the research of medicines and feed.

Starting from the 3rd quarter, 252 samples were examined. The samples were examined not only using the" traditional " methods of chemical analysis, such as HPLC chromatography, spectrophotometry and titrometry, but also with MS chromatography/MS detection.

For this purpose, 39 new methods were developed.

It is not unimportant that within the framework of technical support, we are ready to train specialists from among key clients. The educational program is formed according to the needs of the economy: we attract practicing experts on the subject, organize the participation of top specialists at foreign industry events, and much more.

NITA-FARM is on the side of a professional partnership, where high-quality veterinary services are the key to the success of livestock farms.