NITA-FARM employees shared their experience of working in the laboratory


On April 20, a seminar "Laboratory research in production conditions" was held at the Varaksino poultry farm. Methods of laboratory diagnostics. Fundamentals of the quality management system". The event was organized by Komos Group.

The seminar program included 9 topics on laboratory methods of research and diagnostics in production conditions. 4 reports were made by employees of the NITA-FARM laboratory complex-Pogorelova E. S. and Khanadeeva M. A.

Pogorelova Elena, Head of the NITA-FARM research group, spoke about the ISO 17025:2017 standard, the goals of metrological traceability and the main methods for assessing the uncertainty of physical and chemical studies.

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Marina Khanadeeva, Deputy Head of the Microbiological laboratory at NITA-FARM, shared her knowledge on the topic of safety when working with biological materials of pathogenicity groups III–IV with the participants of the seminar. The second report was devoted to the preparation and quality control methods of nutrient media.

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The speeches of NITA-FARM employees aroused great interest, and numerous questions on the topics were received from the audience.

Within the framework of the seminar, a visit to the physical and chemical laboratory of the Varaksino poultry farm was held, the Company's employees got acquainted with the instrument base and the structure of the division.

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