Improvement of labor productivity and employment: main results and new plans


"Your time has come, go ahead, guys," - these words inspired the team project Manager, Director for quality Anna Podlubnaya.


In the summer of 2019, NITA-FARM joined the national project to improve labor productivity and employment. The company was selected as one of the leading and most dynamically developing enterprises in the Saratov region.

To test lean production techniques in the company, a pilot stream should be chosen, the main requirement for which was to have at least 15 % of the annual revenue. This requirement was complied by the flow of creating injectable forms, in particular-the drug "Nitox 200" in 20 ml vials.

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On March 19, a report meeting was held on the results of the pilot project, where all participants were able to share their achievements with colleagues. The project team was set an ambitious goal - to ensure labor productivity growth in the first year of the project - by 10 %, in the second year by 15 %, in the third year - by 30 % in relation to the base year 2018. To achieve these indicators, the team had to solve the tasks of reducing the time of the production process, increasing the efficiency of the production line and producing pieces per shift from 1 production cell.


According to the production analysis, the working group successfully completed all tasks and achieved high performance:

* The time required for receiving Nitox products has been reduced by 4607 minutes.

• The overall efficiency of the automatic filling, labeling and packaging line has been increased by 5 %

* The average hourly output at the automatic packaging and labeling site has been increased by 40 % from 159 to 220 units per person in the flow.

The record result for production on the product "Nitox" in 20 ml bottles was recorded on January 28, 2020 and amounted to 276 units for 17 employees in the stream. This means that every 45 seconds, one formed transport package with products was released from the conveyor.


"The point is not to achieve goals on the test flow, the main thing is to get experience, tools, which we then scale to all our processes. The project team has done a great job and we do not stop there. On behalf of the management, I Express my gratitude to all of you for your involvement, initiative and the results that you were able to achieve, " Oleg Zhukov, Director of NITA-FARM, addressed the meeting participants.


All the leaders of the changes were marked at the award ceremony with certificates and gifts from the Company's management. As the Director of NITA-FARM noted, the concept of further project activities of the company is already being developed as part of the implementation of lean production methods and increasing labor productivity. It is known that the working group begins to solve problems on optimization of processes of production of products on the semi-automatic ECI-FM line. Not only production will be transformed, but also almost all processes in the Company will be affected. These include managing personnel and material costs, optimizing inventory and logistics operations. These changes will be possible thanks to comprehensive state support, training of the Company's staff by FCC experts, and the transfer of experience through internal trainers in the NITA-FARM team.

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