Opening of the scientific laboratory of biology and pathology of poultry


Opening ceremony of scientific laboratory of biology and pathology of poultry based on Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine was held on February 27.

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The laboratory is equipped with modern facilities that allow to use methods of laboratory diagnosis of coccidiosis. Here, studies will be conducted to determine the concentration of oocysts in the litter, and to identify the level of parasitic pressure in the farm. In addition to the quantitative indicator, with the help of equipment, it is possible to determine the qualitative indicator - the differentiation of coccidia.

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This will make the diagnosis of diseases accessible and will help the staff of the Department of animal hygiene and poultry farming in scientific work in the field of research of poultry diseases. Combining the laboratory with the classroom makes it possible to conduct methodological and scientific-practical classes with students and postgraduates. The company, together with the Academy, plans to use the audience for retraining certified specialists in order to improve the competence of doctors and develop the industrial poultry industry.

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The opening ceremony was attended by the management of NITA-FARM and the faculty of the Veterinary Academy. Welcome speeches were made by the acting rector of the Scriabin MBA, doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor of the Department of Veterinary Surgery of the Academy Sergey Pozyabin and first Vice-rector for Science Ivan Kochish. Dmitry Suprunov, Director of the NITA-FARM Trading LLC, made a presentation of the laboratory and research opportunities, noting the importance of the laboratory in the development and production of new effective solutions for poultry farming.

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Today, coccidiosis is one of the most serious diseases of all types of poultry. This disease causes great economic damage to poultry farming in all countries of the world. All poultry farms should monitor the appearance of coccidiosis, and NITA-FARM will be ready to offer its customers this opportunity to diagnose the disease. According to the Director of the NITA-FARM Trading Dmitry Suprunov, until recently, the main method of control was the clinical method of Johnson-Reid diagnostics.

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"Today, the improvement of sanitary safety and hygiene at the enterprise, together with the introduction of rotation programs for coccidiostatics, has allowed us to shift the line of defense to the preclinical level. The development of methods for controlling the subclinical course of coccidiosis is one of the company's priority areas of work to improve the MAX-effect anti-coccidiosis program" Dmitry said.

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As part of the client service, the company specialists provide professional support from the diagnosis of the problem to its solution. First, an on-site audit is carried out, after which a chemical analysis of feed is provided, during which the uniformity of distribution in the feed is revealed, as well as a qualitative and quantitative determination of the drug content. One of the stages of diagnosing the problem is a laboratory analysis, which will now be conducted based on the Scriabin MBA. Based on the data obtained, taking into account the individual situation on the farm, a scheme for the prevention of coccidiosis is drawn up.

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All studies of the new NITA-FARM laboratory are carried out with high-resolution photo and video recording of research objects. This helps you create an extended and reliable report for specialists and business managers. The results are archived, and electronic research materials will be stored for 10 years. At any time, specialists can raise the history of research conducted for their company.

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The creation of the laboratory of bird diseases on the basis of the Moscow Veterinary Academy is a big step in the development of the competence of poultry industry employees and service for NITA-FARM clients.