NITA-FARM Company on Grain-Feed-Veterinary Exhibition 2020


The 25th international specialized trade and industrial exhibition MVC: Grain-Feed-Veterinary 2020 has finished.

Experts from all over the world gathered at VDNH in Moscow in January 28-30 to discuss actual problems in the agricultural sector. In total, more than 456 companies from 24 countries took part in the event.

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Traditionally, NITA-FARM presented its booth in the Veterinary medicine section, where all participants of the exhibition were able to get acquainted with new pharmaceutical products.

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At the anniversary exhibition, NITA-FARM announced drugs that will soon be available for sale:

  • water-soluble colistin in two concentrations-Colibac 6, Colibac 12.

  • feed nosiheptide for effective stimulation of growth - Nosifor.

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Guests have paid special attention on the products made using the heat-stabilizing microgranulation technology. Clients and partners noted the high quality of products, samples of which could be evaluated for the presence of distinctive characteristics - a low dust index and a narrow granulometric composition.

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Actively developing the direction of comprehensive customer support, the company's veterinarians held consultations at the stand with the selection of individual treatment regimens, as well as provided assistance in solving problems on farms. In addition to veterinary consultations, participants of the exhibition were able to check effective solutions developed by NITA-FARM together with experts in animal husbandry and poultry farming.

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In parallel with the exhibition, organizers prepared a business program dedicated to topical issues in various sectors of the agro-industrial complex. Oleg Zhukov, Director of NITA-FARM, presented his report on the topic "Problems of using antibiotics in industrial meat production".

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We thank all visitors of the exhibition for their attention to the NITA-FARM stand! See you at future industry events!

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