INTERNATIONAL POULTRY FARMERS’ FORUM “Broiler. Eggs” took place in Moscow on January 28, 2019. Every year this forum unites the key representatives of chicken and egg farms, poultry meat and eggs market analysts and experts and exporter companies to interact and review the hottest topics in the poultry industry.

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The official part of the Forum was kick-started by an expert discussion about the industrial poultry farming development. Its participants were proactive in sharing their experience, discussing the industry development perspectives. During various work sessions NITA-FARM representatives presented our company’s new products and services to the guests.

Natalya Oleynik, NITA-FARM Marketing Director announced the upcoming International Professional Forum ANIMALPROFI for poultry farmers, which will take place on June 13-16, 2019 in Saratov and will be organized as a cruise along the Volga river.


That new was very exciting for the audience, because the ANIMALPROFI forums are always a good avenue for sharing valuable practical experience presented by Russian and foreign experts during its intensive three days long program. It also offers farmers ways to seek advice during the discussion club sessions.

Dmitry Suprunov, Director General of NITA-FARM Trading House introduced our new team of technical professionals boasting a wealth of experience in working with various poultry farming companies, to the audience. In particular, the speaker highlighted the significance of technical support for customer relationships, adding in conclusion that an approach like that is going to drive NITA-FARM’s customer service to the qualitatively new level. As a reminder, a new business unit of NITA-FARM - the NITA-FARM Trading House - was founded in the end of 2018.


Dmitry Suprunov also presented the participants with our new anticoccidial drugs program, MAX-effect, manufactured using the unique thermostabilizing microgranulation technology, and told them about the advantages it offers.

NITA-FARM’s Chief Veterinarian Vladimir Zubarev made a presentation dedicated to comprehensive solutions to ecto- and endozootic parasites control issues. Those issues are extremely pressing and constant for poultry farms. The presentation dealt with the practical tools and ready-made schemes helping eliminate parasites throughout the farms.


The Forum concluded with diplomas being awarded to poultry farms, a celebratory reception and a music show.